I would like to start off by Thanking SLR Studios for their amazing work helping me put together my vison for this song. They were the best studio I could of worked with. 
The art on the Cover of my single was done by a talented Artist and Creator Eric Poapz!! Here's a link to his page, and newest upcoming project!!

I'm very open minded when it comes to music and love to admire the art that people put into their creations.
I believe all art is beautiful and perfect.

My music comes from a place of Inspiration. I love God and I incorporate whatever I feel that he draws me to write. I believe in spreading Positivity. And through music influence, it is the perfect platform for spreading love and encouragement.

We as Beings will love and support each other. We will uplift each other and help bring each other to our greatest potentials!

Positive thoughts and influences, can help a lot of people.

I love you all!! Peace and Love... God Bless xo.